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"Make & Take" Your Own Masterpiece!

Join your local "Make & Take" themed workshop and bring your imagination to life!

Our 1 HR Themed Workshops are ran by trained instructors teaching your kids the magic of JumpingClay. You will be amazed at what they will create and take home that day. 

Drop Your Kids Off, and enjoy a relaxing break whilst we keep them entertained!

Meet the Basis Shapes:
Drop-Off & Relax

Create your masterpiece

Play & Treasure Forever

All activities are based on our basic shape characters, colours and simple step-by-step modelling. Workshops are suitable for all ages 4+.

After the workshop take your creation home that day, leave it to "Air-Dry" for 24-48 hours - then you will have your own toy to play with and treasure forever.

A Themed Workshop is your perfect introduction to JumpingClay. It will provide you the necessary skills & know-how to bring your imagination to life.

Happy Modelling