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Planning a Workshop for your Class ? 

Interactive School Workshops & Activities, Tailored to your Needs.

All of our school workshops provide the children the opportunity to get hands-on, create their own individual masterpiece and take it home that day. You have a huge selection of activities to choose from. Each can be tailored to suit your individual teaching needs, so whether your teaching about healthy eating, global warming, or the extinction of the dinosaurs we will develop the perfect workshop for you.

Reinforced Learning by Doing – What Will You Create?

All JumpingClay Workshops are instructed by trained professionals and guide the children through a step-by-step creation process where they will:


A typical workshop lasts 1 HR but the timeframe can be tailored to your needs. We can develop anything from a 1-2 HR Activity, or even a series of workshops creating one ultimate group project. Let us know your needs, as there really is no topic, or plan of workshops we won't strive to create.

Workshop Topic & Time Tailored to your Needs !

All of our play activities are deigned to provide learning and development in the specific areas of “understanding the world” and “expressive arts & design”. Exploring the key element of Form, that is, shape in 3 dimensions encouraging spatial awareness development from an early age, helping with children to learn and grow.

Creative Learning for Your Kids !

Looking for a fun-packed after schools activity for your kids, or to host at your school? 

JumpingClay has an exciting range of educational programmes that we are currently running out in schools all over the world. All of our after-school programmes are an interactive, hands-on experience that teach you to bring your imagination to life. Each week your kids will embark on a new path of discovery and create a new masterpiece to take home that day.

Benefits of working with JumpingClay:

Fun, educational & creative after school programmes for pupils of all ages & abilities.

All of our after-school programmes are ran by trained instructors and based on our basic shape characters, colours and simple step-by-step modelling guides. These guide pupils on a progressive learning experience into the specific areas of "understanding the world around us" and "expressive arts & design". Get creative & Learn through Play the JumpingClay way.

Set Up a Programme at Your School?

Please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you. A typical JumpingClay after-school runs for 1 HR, once per week and for around 6-12 weeks. We understand that every school is different and this specific programme can be tailored to suit your needs. These tend to run on school grounds and provide an additional wrap-around care option for your parents. 

If you would like to establish an after-school programme, host an in-class workshop or have any queries about bringing the magic of JumpingClay to your organisation please don't hesitate to get in contact.